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TCP networking

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A TCP entity in Host 1 receives a segment from a corresponding TCP
entity in Host 3. The received segment has the following header field values set:
sequence number = 245553231, acknowledgment number = 45838821, A bit = 1,
P bit = 1, U bit = 1, window size field = 1000, urgent pointer field = 5000. In
addition, the segment has no options and contains 2000 bytes of data.
a. What is the range of sequence numbers for the 2000 incoming bytes contained
within the segment?
b. What is the next byte that Host 1 is expected to send to Host 3 on this TCP
c. What is the range of bytes that Host 1 is permitted to send to Host 3 on this
d. What should Host 1 do with the 2000 data bytes contained within the
e. Is the TCP entity in Host 1 operating in urgent mode or normal mode on this
f. If the TCP entity in Host 1 is operating in urgent mode on this connection,
then at what sequence number will the TCP entity in Host 1 return to normal
mode on this connection? Ignore sequence number wrap around.

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Solution Summary

TCP networking is featured. The corresponding segments are determined. The range of bytes that Host on the TCP are given.

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