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Multimedia networking -

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Fixed Play out delay :

1. Have a look at the attached image fig6.6
a. Explain why the packets received curve (step line) looks different from the packets-generated curve.
b. Suppose that packets are played right away as they are received, identify points where jitter is most obvious.
c. What would happen to the point indicated on the graph as a missed playout if packets are played as hey are received?
d. What do we gain by delaying the playout schedule?

2. The attached image fig6.24,
The sequence of departed packet is: 1, 3, 2, 4, and 5. What would be the sequence if preemptive priority queuing is used instead?

Please .. attemp this question if you feel confident you are able to answer it .. thank you !

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a. the reason why the packets received curve (step line) looks different from the packets-generated curve

although the initial time spacing between two consecutive packets is same (say 20 msec in Internet

phone), time spacing at receiver can be more or less than this initial time space. packet may arrive late for

playout at receiver because of processing, queueing in network, end-system delays at sender or receiver.

b. identify points where jitter is most obvious:
Consider the end-to-end delays of two consecutive packets. delay jitter occur when time ...

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