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    Multimedia and Future of Libraries

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    How will multimedia impact the future of libraries?
    What are the mobile multimedia trends?

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    Question :- How will multimedia impact the future of libraries?
    Answer :- Multimedia as the name itself suggests is the multi-media, that is a combination of various media. The media can be any kind of like audio media, video media and even still media(like news paper and stuff.) The audio and video are generally presentable through the electronic medium.
    Multimedia is playing a wonderful role in developing the way libraries function. In the last few years, libraries have evolved handsomely in the light of multimedia. As, we can already notice that the multimedia has rapidly started to gain the tag of being the most important source of information to the common people. So, we can expect to see these multimedia data available in large amounts to be stored in digital ...

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    This solution of 587 words discusses how the growth of multimedia will not affect the future of libraries and the current mobile multimedia trends.