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Libraries of the Future

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Given emerging information technology, there is controversy about the continuing viability of this marketing concept. One view of how the concept may continue to evolve is from a renowned futurist, Thomas Frey. Using the following websites:

(miami dade) http://www.mdpls.org/;
http://www.davinciinstitute.com/page.php?ID=120 (thomas frey)

1-What do libraries do? Is it worth the cost
2-Using the Miami Dade example, can we argue persuasively public libraries are marketing enterprises as well? Explain your reasoning
3-Would a marketing perspective serve library management effectively in terms of achieving those goals and objectives?
4-What do you think about Thomas Frey's view of the future for libraries? Explain your views.

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1-What do libraries do? Is it worth the cost?

Libraries have a large collection of books and other material. These libraries are funded and maintained by cities and other bodies. The books in the libraries are according to Thomas Frey accessed by people that could not afford to buy books or did not buy books. However, libraries have also played an important role in preservation of manuscripts, rare paintings, and uncommon books. Libraries also provide access to books that are singularly large or costly.

According to Thomas Frey, the cost incurred in maintaining libraries is very high and should be done away with. One of the key reasons for this is that most information that people want is now accessible online and visiting libraries for getting information has become less popular.

2-Using the Miami Dade example, can we argue persuasively public libraries are marketing enterprises as well? Explain your reasoning.

From the perspective of the Miami Dade and other institutions that finance public libraries, these institutions are marketing ...

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