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    Networking Handshake Connection

    Come up with a diagram and explain the three way TCP/IP handshake in connection setup and the three way TCP/IP handshake in connection release.

    Network Desgin

    Details: Sterling Co. wants you to design a network infrastructure for them. They have five divisions with several hundred users at each division across the United States. They have many employees who work from home. What kind of network would you suggest? What are the advantages of networking together these five divisions and p


    Details: Your manager has asked you to describe the frame format of a typical Ethernet packet. Prepare a written report. Be sure to discuss Manchester encoding, 4B/5B encoding, 8B/10B encoding, the cable grades required for different speeds of Ethernet, and Ethernet performance as more hosts are added to a network. Objective:

    Encoding Schemes in OSI Layer Model

    Details: Your manager has asked you to describe the frame format of a typical Ethernet packet. Prepare a written report. Be sure to discuss Manchester encoding, 4B/5B encoding, 8B/10B encoding, the cable grades required for different speeds of Ethernet, and Ethernet performance as more hosts are added to a network. Objective:

    Wireless Networking

    Details: You have been asked to produce a paper that compares and contrasts guided versus wireless media for inclusion in your company's knowledge database. Also indicate which type of network devices would be supported along with the associated interface type. The purpose of this paper is to quickly bring other information tech

    IP Address vs. MAC Address

    Describe an IP address. Describe Class A, B, and C networks. Are a MAC address and an IP address the same thing? What network service is used to automatically assign IP addresses? Describe the four steps of the IP address lease process.

    Question regarding .com web sites

    Are .com web sites public networks or e-commerce web sites? Are .net, .org, .edu and .gov website public networks? Do you see a difference between .com and .edu web sites?

    Network infrastructure

    Do you feel comfortable working with the network infrastructure itself? Do you have a comfort level with the switches and maybe routers? What are your feelings on this?

    The Future of Wireless

    Imagine the future of wireless technology. Currently, the wireless network you install in your home can connect wirelessly to something as small as your cell phone or as large as a nationwide Internet Service Provider. Where is the future of wireless technology headed? This is a question that has yet to be answered, but you can

    TCP/IP Network Troubleshooting

    Read questions 80 and 81 (Attached) Identify the problems with the TCP/IP network in each scenario and explain how they should be fixed. Complete the table in Appendix E. Explain your answer for each of the scenarios.

    Compare and contrast types of wireless networks

    What are the differences between 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.11n wireless LANs? Do you think standards are beneficial in the field of wireless networking or do you feel they limit new technologies? Explain your answer.

    Radio Frequency Loss and Gain

    Calculate radio frequency gain and loss 1. Using Table 3-3 as a reference, what is the dB of 1 watt of power? 2. A wireless device has output of 200 mW. It is connected to a cable with a 9 dBi gain and a 6 dB loss. What is the EIRP? Imagine you are the network administrator of a WLAN. Give an example of how knowing the

    Roles of an Antenna

    Describe the role of antennas in the transmission of radio waves. What type of antenna is typically used in a wireless LAN? Explain why this type of antenna is commonly used. Describe a scenario where this type of antenna may not be the best choice. What type of antenna would work best for your scenario?

    Networking and Telecommunications

    Use short answers to explain the difference between: · Synchronous and asynchronous · Analog and digital · XON and XOFF · Simplex and duplex · Serial and parallel transmission · Baseband and broadband · Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) · Hypertext Transfer Pro

    How to use Windows TCP/IP networking utilities

    Take screens shots of the following results of using TCP/IP utilities Open a Command Prompt (MS-DOS Prompt) window and complete the following activities. As always, be sure to cite any sources you use in your response. Type in ipconfig /all and hit enter. Give a short blurb on each major parameter returned. How could you g

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Networking

    As wireless networks gain popularity there is an increasing number of households using them for their home networking needs. What advantages exist in having a wireless network in your home instead of a wired network? What are the disadvantages? An increasing number of businesses are also offering wireless Internet connections (h

    Comparing the Header Fields in the IPv4 and IPv6 Protocols

    Hi. Need some help with the following... Thanks. Compare the header fields in the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. Describe some strategies for converting IPv4 packets to IPv6 packets in a hybrid IP network. If you were in charge of a large 1000+ node that was required to support IPv6 within a short timeframe (say 1 year), what strat

    Networking: DNS

    Elaborate on the following about DNS: DNS is both a telephone "White Pages" and a "Yellow Pages." The DNS namespace The hierarchy of DNS servers and how they work as a team to resolve DNS queries. Concerning IP address assignment: Describe the four steps in the DHCP address assignment process. What is the 80/20 rul

    Number of 2x2 switching elements in nxn banyan network

    A stage of n x n banyan network consists of (n/2) 2 x 2 switching elements. The first stage directs packets to the correct half of the network, the next stage to the correct quarter, and so on, until the packet is routed to the correct output. Derive an expression for the number of 2 x 2 switching elements needed to make an n

    What Rights to Privacy Do People Have?

    What rights to privacy do people have when using the Internet at home? Are their privacy rights limited? Do those same rights and limits exist at work? Explain your answer. Identify a point made by a classmate with which you do not entirely agree and courteously explain your viewpoint. Discuss your different perspectives.

    Network Topologies Outlined

    Outline the three general network topologies (bus, ring, and star). Describe the components, devices, and arrangement of components and devices involved in each topology, as well as some of the pros and cons of each configuration.

    Network Consultant Questions

    The University of Hawaii campus is spanned over 2 miles. It has 7 colleges and each college building is separated from each other by at least 1000 feet. Each building has 4 floors. The University also has it's centers at London and Australia. You are hired as a network consultant who has to recommend the following: A layout pl


    Adjust the weights and threshold values in the artificial neuron network in Figure 10th edition: 11.18; 9th edition: 10.19 so that its output is 1 when both inputs are the same (both 0 or both 1) and 0 when the inputs are different (one being 0 while the other is 1). book: Glenn Brookshear, Computer Science: an overview (Ten

    Creating a Network and Updating Computers

    Bench Fitness Centers has eight separate locations in this area. Most of the centers have the same equipment and provide the same services, but some centers have different equipment and specialized trainers. Below is a summary of the services Bench Fitness Center is seeking from the a mid-sized IT consulting company. The net

    Static or Dynamic IP Route

    I need help here. As a network administrator for a company, you want to configure an IP route between two routers. Of static and dynamic routing, which is more appropriate? Explain your answer in 200 to 300 words.

    TCP Friendliness Discussion

    Read the research literature to learn what is meant by TCP friendly. Also read the Sally Floyd interview at the end of this chapter. Write a description of TCP friendliness.

    IPv4 and IPv6 and protocol processing load

    This solution explores and explains the requirement for routers to support both IPv4 and IPv6 protocol stacks and explains the various types of connections a dual stack router can support, and why such connections are necessary. Finally, included in this solution is a discussion on the overhead involved in handling dual stacks a

    OSI Model and Network Protocols

    Looking for help with the following. What are the advantages of standardized networking protocols? Why is TCP/IP such a complex protocol? What advantages accrue to TCP/IP's complexity? Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of two protocols that perform similar functions at any layer of the OSI mode