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Gas Laws

General Chemistry: Gas Laws

A 36.4 liter volume of methane gas is heated from 25 °C to 88 °C at constant pressure. What is the final volume of the gas?

Volume of an Ideal Gas

What is the volume of 0.5 moles of an ideal gas at a pressure of 1.5 atm and a temperature of 5.0 degrees C?

Gas mixtures and movements

The following reaction takes place in a sealed 40.0-L container at a temp of 120 degrees C 4NH 3(G) + 5 O2 (g) --> 4NO (g) + 6H2O (G) a) When 34.0g of NH3 reacts with 96.0g of O2 what is the partial pressure of NO in the sealed container? b) What is the total pressure in the container?

Ideal gas Law Ideal Gas Law and Hydrogen

A 2.02 gram sample of Al reacts with excess Hcl(aq) and the hydrogen produced is collected over the aqueous solution at 24 degrees Celsius. What is the total volume of hydrogen collected at barometric pressure of 760.000 Torr? (Include VP) Assume VP of the solution is the same as the VP of pure water. 2 moles Al(s) + 6 mol

Ideal Gas Law and Aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide

A 100.0 gram sample of aqueous hydrogen peroxide decomposes over time to make 3.31 L of O2(g) at 21 degrees Celsius and 715 Torr. What must the mass percentage of H2O2 is the solution? (Ignore the VP of H2O). 2 moles of H2O2 -----> 2 moles of H2O(l) + O2(g)

Ideal Gas Law for Liquid Hydrocarbon

A liquid hydrocarbon (contains only C and H) is found to have 16.37% H by mass. A 1.158 gram sample has a volume of 385 ml at 71 degrees Celsius and 749 Torr. What is the molecular formula of the hydrocarbon?

Grand Canonical Partition Function

For the grand canonical ensemble we've obtained two expressions for the pressure: P = (k_B)(T)/Vln(x) or P = (k_B)(T)(dln(x))/dV_Bu,B where is the grand canonical partition function. Check that the derivative does not give the first expression exactly. Nonetheless, the pressure calculated in the two ways agree - at least

Canonical Partition Function Q(N, V, T)

An approximate canonical partition function for a dense gas is: Q(N, V, T) = 1/N! [2(pi)(mk_nT / h^2]^3N/2 (V - Nb)^Nexp[(alphaN^2/Vk_BT)]. Where m is the mass of the particles and a and b are molecular parameters (which are independent of temperature). Calculate the energy, entropy, pressure, and chemical potential for

Equilibrium and Reactions

Question 1 At 100oC, the equilibrium constant, KC, for the reaction COCl2(g) ?---? CO(g) + Cl2(g) has a value of 2.19 x 10-10. Is the following mixture at equilibrium? If not, indicate the direction in which the reaction must proceed to achieve equilibrium. [COCl2] = 5.00 x 10-2 M, [CO] = [Cl2] = 3.31 x 10-6 M Question 2

Hydrogen Gas Problem Using the Ideal Gas Law

Consider a vehicle powered by hydrogen gas. a. About 3.1 kg of H2 is required for a vehicle to have a 500 km range. Assume ideal gas behavior and a storage tank of 60 L (a comparable size to conventional gasoline vehicles). What tank pressure atm might one expect at 25 degrees celsius? b. Since their discovery in 1991, tin

Partial Pressure of Products and Reactants

A 10.0 L tank contains nitrogen gas and chlorine gas at partial pressure of 1.00 atm each, at a temperature of 300K. The mixture is allowed to react, producing nitrogen trichloride. Calculate the partial pressures of the products and reactants.

Ideal Gas Law: Bromine and Fluorine

1) Bromine gas reacts with flourinne gas to give a low boiling liquid. A sample of this liquid is vaporized at 42.0 degrees C into a flask with a volume of 252.2mL. The atmospheric pressure is 726.3 torr. The flask is found to contain 1.632 g of the compound. a) Calculate the formula weight of the compound. b) Is the co

Your Next Breath Contains a Molecule from Caesar's Last Breath

Take a deep breath of air and assume it is one liter of air. What is the probability that the liter of air contains a molecule from Julius Caesar's last breath (also assume a liter of air)? Assume that the nitrogen that existed in the atmosphere ~ 2000 years ago is that which is currently present and that the liter of air has

Determining the Mass of a Substance

1) What mass of oxgen gas will occupy 450.mL at 145mmHg and 62.5 degrees Celcius? 2) Find the volume in liters of 52.0g of CO2 at 410mmHg and 99.0 degrees Celcius.

Problem with Ideal Gas Law

The reaction in an automobile airbag is: 2NaN3(s) 2Na(s) + 3N2(g) If 80.0g of NaN3 reacts, what volume of N2(g) is produced at 25oC and a pressure of 1.00 atm?

What mass of formaldehyde gas must be released?

What mass of formaldehyde gas (in grams) must be released from building materials, carpets, etc. in order to produce a concentration of 0.50 ppm of the gas in a room having dimensions of 4.0m X 5.0m X 1.0m? Hint: Calculate volume of room in cubic meters and convert to liters. Use ideal gas law and concentration to calculate a

Volume of Air Necessary for Conversion of CO2 to H20

Assume that a pile of waste contains 340.0 mg/L of biodegradable CH2O and is processed through a 200000.0 L/day sewage treatment plant which converts 40% of the waste to CO2 and H2O. Calculate the volume of air (at 25 degrees, 1 atm) required for this conversion. Assume that the O2 is transferred to the water with 20% efficiency

Osmotic Pressure

How would you prepare 1.0 L of an aqueous solution of sodium chloride having an osmotic pressure of 25 atm at 17°C?

National Drinking Standard for Lead in Water

1. The National Drinking Water standard for lead in water is no more than 0.015ppm. If a particular water supply sample has 5.0x10^-7 moles of Pb per 5.0 liters, is it suitable for drinking? 2. If a gas occupies 625mL at 0oC and 760 torr pressure, what will its volume be at 223oC and 1520 torr pressure? 3. A metal tank of

Reaction Between Hydrogen Selenide and Tin

See attachment. The composition of hydrogen selenide (H2Se) can be determined by heating tin (Sn) in a measured volume of the gas. The hydrogen selenide is decomposed, producing solid tin selenide (SnSe) and hydrogen gas. If the temperature and pressure are unchanged, the gas volume when the decomposition is over is the same

Helium-filled Balloon Pressure

Keith wants a large helium balloon, his mom can only fit 10.0 L in her small car. The temperature outside is 17.0 The balloon has a mass of 500 g He. What pressure should she have the balloon filled with helium? a) 0.114 kPa b) 2.98 104 kPa c) 1.95 kPa d) 1.14 kPa How to set up the problem - explain in detail (high scho

Pressure of Gas Temperature Equations

A sample of gas occupies 135 mL at 22.5 C; the pressure is 165 mm Hg. What is the pressure of the gas sample when it is placed in a 252-mL flask at a temperature of 0.0 C? pressure of gas sample___________________ mmHg Ethane, C2H6, burns in air according to the equation 2C2H6(g) 7 O2(g)---->4CO2(g) + 6H2O(g) Wh