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    Combustion of gaseous dimethyl ether

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    What volume of O2 (g) is consumed in the combustion of 125g of gaseous dimethyl ether (CH3)2) if both gas volumes are measured at the temperature and pressure at which the density of dimethyl ether is 1.81g/l?

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    Atomic mass of Carbon= 12.01
    Atomic mass of Hydrogen= 1.008
    Atomic mass of Oxygen= 16
    Therefore, Molar mass of dimethyl ether = 46.07g
    (as 2 x (12.01+ 3 x 1.008) + 16 = 46.07)

    CH3 -O- CH3 (g) + 3O2 ...

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    Calculates volume of Oxygen consumed in the combustion of gaseous dimethyl ether.