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IUPAC Names, Acetals, Electron Flow and Syntheses

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1. Provide proper IUPAC names.

2. Provide proper IUPAC names.

3. Acetals are a special class of ethers which have two ether linkages at a single carbon. Tetrahydropyranyl ethers are acetals that are easily cleaved with mild aqueous acids at room temperature to yield alcohols. This ether cleavage occurs so easily under such mild conditions because the carbocation intermediate in step two is very stable. Explain why this carbocation is stabilized.

4. Show electron flow with arrows on the structures provided in the attachment for each step in the above transformation.

5. The synthesis of epioxides by base treatment of halohydrins is an example of an intramolecular:
A. Sn1 rxn
B. hydrolysis rxn
C. dehydration rxn
D. Williamson ether synthesis

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