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    Finding NaNO2 Required to Produce N2 Under Given Conditions

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    Show the calculation for the mass of NaNO_2 required to produce 40. mL of N_2 with a temp. of 25.6 degrees C and an atm. pressure of 739 mmHG.

    Please give a good simple step by step solution on how to solve the problem.

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    First you need a chemical reaction producing N_2 gas.

    2 NaNO_2 --> 2Na + N_2 + 2 O_2

    use the ideal gas law to figure out how many moles of N_2 gas that is.

    n = PV/RT

    V = 40 mL = 0.040 ...

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    The solution gives a step by step answer to finding the mass of NaNO2 required to produce a certain amount of N2 under given conditions in a clear manner with explanation throughout.