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    Organic Chemistry: Reaction Equations

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    Show the reaction equations for :
    a) Phenylamine in water

    b) A cool solution of sodium nitrite and a solution of the amine in an ice bath. Moderately concentrated hydrochloric acid is added.

    c) Add hydrochloric acid to the amine. Then add aqueous sodium hydroxide.

    d) Add Iodine solution to ethanal

    e) Add iodine solution to acetone

    f) Add Acidified KMnO4 to ethanal

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    1. C6H5NH2 + H2O --> C6H5NH3+ + OH-


    Aniline or Phenylamine is basic and therefore accepts H+
    (Reference: http://www.chemguide.co.uk/organicprops/aniline/amine.html)

    2. A cool solution of NaNO2 (Sodium nitrite) and amine in ice bath. Moderately conc. HCl is added:

    C6H5NH2 + NaNO2 + HCl --> C6H5N2+Cl-
    (In icebath)

    This is diazotization coupling reaction, whereby ...

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