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Canonical Partition Function Q(N, V, T)

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An approximate canonical partition function for a dense gas is:

Q(N, V, T) = 1/N! [2(pi)(mk_nT / h^2]^3N/2 (V - Nb)^Nexp[(alphaN^2/Vk_BT)].

Where m is the mass of the particles and a and b are molecular parameters (which are independent of temperature). Calculate the energy, entropy, pressure, and chemical potential for this system. To what well known thermodynamic approximate equation of state does your answer correspond?

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The solution is attached below in two files. The files are identical in content, only differ in format. The first is in MS Word XP Format, while the other is in Adobe pdf format. Therefore you can choose the format that is most suitable to you. The solution uses the energy formula E = kT^2 (d[ln(Q)]/dT) and the chain rule.

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