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Vapor pressure, compressibility factor, combustion

This is a review for old material that am unfamiliar with ... thanks for your help!

When 8.21L of C4H10(g) (butane) are burned in oxygen, how many liters of O2(g) are consumed? Both gases are held at 324.5 K and 12.23 atm.

ans: 53.37
Pure Acetone (CH3COCH3) has a vapor pressure of 324.0 torr at room temp. What's the closest value to the molality of a solution of a nonvolatile solute in acetone with a vapor pressure of 200.0 torr at room temp? (ignore solute dissociation and assume ideal behavior)

ans: 10.67
Exactly one mole of gas is observed to exert a pressure of 1.0052 atm at a temp of 280.23K in a 20.345L vessel. What's the closest value to compressibility factor of this gas under these conditions?

ans: 0.8894