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Gas mixtures and movements

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The following reaction takes place in a sealed 40.0-L container at a temp of 120 degrees C

4NH 3(G) + 5 O2 (g) --> 4NO (g) + 6H2O (G)

a) When 34.0g of NH3 reacts with 96.0g of O2 what is the partial pressure of NO in the sealed container?

b) What is the total pressure in the container?

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First change grams to moles...

34g NH3 (1 mol/ 17 g) = 2.00 mol NH3

96g O2 (1 mol/32 g) = 3.00 mol O2

This is a limiting reactant problem.

To figure out how much O2 is required to react w/ 2 mol NH3...

2 mol NH3[(5 mol O2)/(4 mol NH3)] = 2.5 mol O2

However, we have 3 mol O2... so there is more than enough O2, so that means that NH3 is the limiting ...

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