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Methanol Production Process

Methanol production process is operated at temperatures of 25 - 30 degrees & a pressure of 50 - 100 atmospheres, in the presence of a copper based catalyst. Comment on whether these operating conditions (250 - 300 degrees & 50-100 atmospheres) are consistent with the aims of achieving a high equilibrium yield of methanol and a high rate of production, noting conflicts, and explain the role of copper based catalyst, noting how its presence helps to address any conflicts, and impacts of overall costs of the production process.

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In the production of methanol with the copper based catalyst , the only major by-product is a
small amount of easily separated methyl formate. Very small amounts of water, carbon dioxide and dimethyl ether are also produced. The present catalyst combination also is capable of tolerating fluctuations in the H.sub.2 /CO ratio without major deleterious effect on the reaction rate. Furthermore, carbon dioxide and water are also ...

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