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density of liquid methanol

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Determine the density of liquid methanol in (lb/ft^3) and convert heat capacity, thermal conductivity and viscosity from SI units to English Units.

Specific gravity= 0.92 at 60 degree F
Density of reference substances (Water)= 62.3 lb/ft^3
Heat capacity=0.61 cal/(gram degree centigrade) at 60 degree F
Thermal Conductivity= 0.0512 cal/(meter second degree centigrade) at 60F
Viscosity=0.64 cP (at 60 F)

To find the density of methanol in lb/ft^3

Specific gravity= density of methanol/density of water

(i.e) 0.92=density of methanol/62.3 lb/ft^3

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It calculates the density of liquid methanol, which involves unit conversion from SI units to English units.