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    Ideal gas LawIdeal Gas Law and Hydrogen

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    A 2.02 gram sample of Al reacts with excess Hcl(aq) and the hydrogen produced is collected over the aqueous solution at 24 degrees Celsius. What is the total volume of hydrogen collected at barometric pressure of 760.000 Torr? (Include VP) Assume VP of the solution is the same as the VP of pure water.

    2 moles Al(s) + 6 moles HCl(aq) y----> 2moles AlCl3(aq) + 3 moles H2(g).

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    2.02 gm of Al == 2.02/27 = 0.0748 mole Al
    2 mole Al == 3 moles ...

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    The ideal gas law for hydrogen is determined. This solution includes calculations.