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    Partial pressure

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    A 400 L container at temperature of 4 celsius initially contains 0.25 mol He gas. Molecular hydrogen, which is a gas at 4 celsius is added until total pressure is 9.38*10^-2 atm. What is the partial pressure of the molecular hydrogen in the container?

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    * denotes multiplication
    ^ denotes power

    Volume=V= 400 L
    No of moles=n= 0.25 mol
    Temperature= T= 4 C= 277.15 K =273.15+4

    Ideal gas Law is PV=nRT
    or P=nRT/V
    R= Gas constant= 0.082058 L.atm.mol ^-1K ^-1
    P=Pressure= 0.0142140 atm =(0.25*0.082058*277.15)/400

    Thus the calculation of pressure of Helium is correct

    In a mixture of two ...

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