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Acid and Base Organic Chemistry

Acidic Species

Predict which of the following species is the most acidic. Explain. (A) Phthalimide (B) Benzamide

Simple dissociation

The dissociation pK for acetic acid is 4.76. Suppose that we dissolve a mole of this weak acid in 10L of water. Find the pH of the resulting solution. What fraction of acetic acid molecules dissociated?

Calculate the pKa of a buffer.

An unknown compound X, is thought to have a carboxyl group with a pka of 2.0 and another ionizable group with a pka between 5 and 8. When 75 ml of 0.1 M NaOH was added to 100 ml of a 0.1 m solution of X at pH 2.0, the pH increased to 6.72. Calculate the pKa of the second ionizable group of X.

Haloform and Conversion

a. If you were carrying out an industrial scale synthesis in which one step involved a haloform reaction to convert a methyl ketone into the corresponding acid having one less carbon atom, would you use NaOH and Cl2, NaOH & Br2, or NaOH and I2 reagent? Give reasons. b. Write a balanced equation for the conversion of C6H5CHO

Which is more acidic, phthalimide or benzamide?

A. Predict which of the following species is the most acidic, phthalimide or benzamide. Explain. b. What product would you expect to obtain from the reaction of one equivalent of propanol with phthalic anhydride?

Predict Chemical Reactions' Products

I am having difficulty predicting products of chemical reactions examples. Please review my work and give me feedback: AgNO3 + NaBrO3 -> AgO3 + NaNO3 + Br Hg2S + NH4NO3 -> Hg2N2H2 + SO3 Pb(OH)2 + CuNO3 -> PbNO3 + Cu(OH)2 Li + SnOH -> LiOH + Sn

Synthesis of Compounds

Propose a method to carry out the following synthesis. Use inorganic reagents only. Show all reagents, relevant reaction conditions and synthetic intermediates. CH3(CH2)16COOH ---> CH3(CH2)COO(CH2)17CH3

Structural Formulas and Reactions

1. Draw the structural formula for ethanol, 2-propanol and 2-methyl2-propanol. 2. Write the reaction between sodium bicarbonate and benzoic acid. 3. Write the structure of ester derived from benzoic and methanol.


How would you synthesize Phosphine? There are a number of methods but I would like to know the preferred choice. thanks

Acid Dissociation and Effusion

Hi, I need assistance with the following questions: 1) If the acid dissociation constant, Ksuba, for an acid HA is 8 x 10^-4 at 25 degree C, what percent of the acid is dissociated in a 0.50 M solution of HA at 25 degree C? 2) Equal numbers of moles of Hsub2(g), Ar(g), and Nsub2(g) are placed in a glass vessel at room tempe

Ratio: Plasma pH

Question: At the pH 7.1, what is the ratio of plasma (HCO3-) to (CO2) is?

Calculating Plasma pH

Question: A respiratory acidosis is partially compensated to pH 7.3. If pCO2 is 70 mmHg, the plasma (HCO3-) is what?

Reaction using NaBH4

What is the product of the reaction attached? Please indicate electron transfer and stereochemistry. What kind of compound is the initial reactant the final product?