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    Expected Yield of Water from the Reaction

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    C2H5CO2H(l) + C3H7OH (l) ---> C2H5COOC3H7(l) + H2O

    When 18.5 mL of propanoic acid and 19.0 mL of n-propanol are mixed together, calculate the volume of water expected if the yield of the ester were 100%

    Other Data:

    Boiling point of 1-propyl propanoate - 122 degrees C
    Volume of water collected - 3.31 mL
    Weight of product (C2H5COOC3H7)- 7.4846 g

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    One mole of propionic acid react with one mol of n-propanol gives one mole of ester and a mol of ...

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    This solution calculates the expected yield of water if the yield of the ester were 100%. Brief justifications are provided for further understanding.