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Chemical Equations: metal sulfides, iron chloride, saccharin

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A major source of air pollution years ago was the metals industry. One common process involved "roasting" metal sulfides in the air:

2 PbS(s) + 3 O_2(g) --> 2 PbO(s) + 2 SO_2(g)

If you heat 2.5 mol of PbS(s) in the air, what amount of O_2(g) is required for a complete reaction? What amounts of PbO(s) and SO_2(g) are expected?

Iron metal chlorine gas react to form iron(III) chloride:

2 Fe(s) + 3 CL_2(g) --> 2 FeCl_3(s)

(a) Beginning with 10.0 g of iron, what mass of Cl_2(g) is required for a complete reaction? What mass of FeCl_3(s) can be produced?
(b) If only 18.5 g of FeCl_3(s) is obtained from 10.0 g of iron and excess CL_2(g), what is the percent yield?
(c) If 10.0 g of each iron and chlorine are combined, what is the theoretical yield of iron(III) chloride?

Saccharin, an artificial sweetener, has the formula C_7H_5_NO_3S. Suppose you have a sample of saccharin containing sweetener with a mass of 0.2140 g. After decomposition to free the sulfur and convert it to the SO_4^2- ion, the sulfate ion is trapped as water-insoluble BaSO_4(s). The mass of BaSO_4 precipitate obtained is 0.2070g. What is the mass percent of saccharin in the sweetener.

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