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Spectator Ions Questions

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1) How many moles of chloride ions are in 250.0mL of a 0.450M calcium chloride solution?

2) Identify the spectator ions for the reaction:

CuBrsub2 (aq) + Lisub2CrOsub4(aq) -> CuCrOsub4(s) + 2LiBr(aq)

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The solution walks the reader through the problem carefully in clear, logical steps and shows the calculations made and where the values come from in order to ensure a thorough understanding of the spectator ions at work in the questioner's reaction.

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These types of chemistry questions are addressing one of the oldest problems chemists faced back before 1876. A pound of iron, and a litre of acid were needed to run a reaction, but what about the purity of the iron, and the concentration of the acid.

To find moles of any solution, you can use the old formula of n = vC, moles equals the volume (in litres) multiplied by the concentration (C).

Using this equation, one can find the number of moles of calcium chloride in the 250 mL solution.

Once we know this, we have to figure out the formula for calcium chloride. If we find calcium on the periodic table, we see that it is in Group II. This family of compounds can get to a noble gas electron ...

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