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Percent Recoveries in Recrystallization Lab Experiment

I have a chemistry problem. In lab we did the experiment Recrystallization. I would like to know if my values that I got in the laboratory are sensible and my percentage recovery. The mass of my impure aspirin was 0.250mg. My volume of solvent used for my impure aspirin was 3.25ml. I got this value from my 2.50ml of water used added to my 0.75ml of pure ethanol. My mass of the purified sample of impure aspirin was .187g. What would be my percentage of recovery for the impure aspirin? The mass of my impure Benzoic Acid was 3.002g. The volume of solvent used for my impure benzoic acid was 20ml. I got this because of the 20ml of water used. The mass of purified sample of impure benzoic acid was .630g. How would I find the percentage recovery of my impure benzoic acid? And are the numbers I got in the lab reasonably correct?PLEASE HELP!! Thank You.

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The percent recovery calculations in a typical recrystallization experiment are shown. Sources of loss are discussed.