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Recrystallization and Yield Calculations

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I need the questions on page 6 and page 7 answered.
Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

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Recrystallization and Yield Caluclations: Calculation yields of real reactions and how too boost them (or be more accurate) in terms of Recrystallization technique

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Work through these yourself too, especially the yield calculation as this will come up a lot in your lab studies!

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1. There are currently 15.2 mmol Salicylic acid (2.1/138) and 36.3 mmol acetic anhydride ([4/1.08]/102.1)
So there are 2.4 equvalents of acetic anhydride to salicylic acid
- the theoretical yield would be unaffected since salicylic acid is still the limiting reagent!
- if you ...

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