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    Hydrolysis of an Ester

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    I had a couple questions regarding my lab report i have to complete for this lab. The first is we are required to provide a mechanism for the saponification of methyl propionate, the reagents are 1.) NaOH, H2O and 2.) HCl, H2O, for my final products I got propanoic acid, methanol, and chloride ion, please correct if I'm wrong I was unsure about HCl part, we haven't covered carboxylic acid derivatives in Organic II yet and this lab is for Organic I.

    The second question is about a hypothetical problem we were given stated: a certain plant material contained trimyristin & tripalmitin (66-67*C melting point) in equal amounts. Extraction with Et2O gave an oil after removal of solvent and the oil was difficult to crystallize, why? below is what I was able to deduce which I think may be partially correct:

    "Considering the mixture of the two compounds and range of the melting points, the reason recrystallization was difficult was due to a broad melting point range. The recrystallization process must exhibit a narrow melting point range for recrystallization to be successful for a "eutectic mixture." Since the oil did not crystallize successfully this may be due to a few possibilities: one is the recrystallization process was not successful at removing the impurities, if this is case then the solid should be recrystallized with the same solvent used in the first process. If the melting point does not narrow then a different solvent should be used."

    Finally, my third question is regarding doing a results section on my report, I didnt do well on our first report, so I asked professor but she was very vague about what needed to be included, stated or not stated. So I would like advice please from an actual chemist and not an online source about what I should include in results for the text portion please. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

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