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    Reactions of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives

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    1. Write a balanced equation for a reaction between butananoyl chloride and diethylamine ((CH3CH2)2NH). Give the IUPAC name of the carboxylic acid derivative product.

    2. Write a balanced equation for a reaction between propanoic anhydride and diethylamine.

    3. Write a step-wise mechanism for the formation of a cylic ester (lactone) when 5-hydroxypentanoic acid is treated with HCl in ethanol.

    4. Draw the structure(s) of the product(s) expected in the reaction shown.

    5. Draw two repeating units of the step-growth polymer that could be formed using fumaric acid and 1,4-cyclohexanediol.

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    Solution Summary

    This solution explains several key ideas of carboxylic acids:

    1) Formation of an amide from an acid halide.
    2) Formation of an amide from an acid anhydride.
    3) Formation of a cyclic ester from a carboxylic acid.
    4) Formation of a carboxylic acid via hydrolysis.
    5) Formation of a polymer using an acid and alcohol in a condensation reaction.