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    Carboxylic acid and Fischer esterification

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    The reaction of carboxylic acid with an alcohol in the presence of acid is termed Fischer esterification. (See attachment for diagram).

    52. The nucleophile in this reaction is _______.

    53. Compound C functions as ______ in this reaction.
    a) a base scavenger
    b) a solvent
    c) a catalyst
    d) a neutralizer

    54. Fischer esterification is an example of:
    a) nucleophilic acyl addition
    b) nucleophilic acyl substitution
    c) nucleophilic acyl elimination
    d) nucleophilic acyl rearrangement

    55. Provide structure(s) for the starting material(s), reagent(s), or the major organic product(s) of the following reaction or sequence of reactions. Show all relevant stereochemistry. (See attachment for diagram)

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    52. Alcohol is nucleophile in Fischer esterification so answer is B

    53. Fischer esterfication is acid catalysed so HCl acts as catalyst answer is - a catalyst

    54. ...

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