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    Fischer Estrification Equilibrium

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    I need some help answering questions on Fischer Esterification equilibrium, where in my lab I am using the reagents of 2-phenylacetic acid and ethanol:
    The equilibrium of Fischer esterification reactions in general is slightly towards product formation. The equilibrium can be made more favorable for product formation by all of the following except:
    a. Increasing the concentration of the 2-phenylacetic acid
    b. Increasing the concentration of ethanol
    c. Removing water from the reaction mixture
    d. Increasing the concentration of H2SO4
    e. Removing ethyl-2-phenylacetate is formed

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    The only choice that will not push the equilibrium to the right (to the product side) is adding more acid. Why not? Because the acid is acting only as a catalyst. It doesn't appear in the ...

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    This solution uses Le Chatelier's Principle to determine how the equilibrium of the Fischer Esterification reaction can be shifted to favor the product formation.