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Synthesizing Esters

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Esterification: write an equation to show the formation of ethyl formate.

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There are several ways to synthesize esters.

Typically these are classed as from Carboxylic Acids, from Acyl Chlorides, and from Acid Anhydrides.

Carboxylic acids through Fischer ...

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This solution identifies the steps in Fischer esterification. 119 words.

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Combinatorial Synthesis of a Series of Esters

1. Why are the crude ester mixtures washed with aqueous NaHCO3?

2. You wish to test 9 esters for antitumor activity. One and only one of the 9 esters will actually have antitumor activity. You will prepare the esters from an alcohol and an acid as was done in the lab experiment here. However, you will prepare mixtures containing 1 alcohol and 3 acids or mixtures containing 1 acid and 3 alcohols. How many mixtures will you need to prepare to find the 1 antitumor compound? How many of these mixtures will exhibit antitumor activity? Hint: You should construct a deconvolution table similar to the one shown below.

3. If the experiment performed in question 2 gave exactly 3 mixtures with antitumor
activity, how many of the 9 esters would be antitumor agents?

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