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    A flow chart detailing some reactions of an Ester

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    Using the flow chart provided (see attachment Brainmass Problem 6).

    Please answer the following.

    1) Give the structures and names of compounds 1-7.

    2) Estimate the pH of compound 3?

    3) Explain with an equation the reaction in which compound 4 is changed to 6

    4) What are the key differences between the hydrolysis of an ester a)in acidic and b)in basic media. What are the products of ester hydrolysis?

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    1 = Ethylbutanoate

    2 = Sodiumbutanoate

    3 = Ethanol

    4 = Ethene

    5 = ...

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    A flowchart detailing some reactions of an Ester are determined. An equation of the reaction in a compound are given.