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Predominant Organic Acids Present in Softwoods such as Pine

I have a wood chemistry course in which we are asked to explain the hierarchy of the organic wood acids present in softwood species like pine or spruce.

Could you please offer a few other possible organic acids that might be present in softwoods? I am only really interested in the predominant acids.

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"The tall oil precursors and turpentine from jack pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb.) and eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.) were investigated.^The tall oil precursors (resin acids, fatty acids, and unsaponifiables were determined by chemical fractionation of the nonvolatile diethyl ether extractives (NVEE) of these speices: (approximate % resin acids, % fatty acids, % unsaponifiables, and % acids other that fatty and resin acids) - jack pine sapwood (10, 60, 10, 20%), heartwood (38, 12, 6, 44%); eastern white pine sapwood (11, 57, 9, 22%), and heartwood (11, ...

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The predominant organic acids in softwoods such as pine are depicted.