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    Measuring concentration of acetic acid and other organic acids in an aqueous solution

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    If I have an unknown aqueous solution that exhibits a pH of approximately 4.0 but is known to consist of predominantly organic acids such as acetic acid, formic acid, benzoic acid, pyruvic acid, phenolic acid etc. etc.

    What analytical method would be employed to measure and determine the concentration of each acid in solution. Would this be a GC/MS analysis.

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    Yes, you could do this with GC/MS. But first, it might be beneficial to do proton nmr on it to help identify it first.

    Here's how you'd have to go about it. First, you'd have to make up a series of standards with the various organic acids.
    Nevertheless, to use GC, you first convert the acids into methyl esters by reacting the acids with methanol. Once you've make ester derivatives of the acid, then run it through the ...

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    The solution measures concentration of acetic acid and other organic acids in an aqueous solution.