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    Calculating Ka of Acetic Acid

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    Here is the problem:
    0.25 ml of 0.10M acetic acid solution. The pH meter reads 2.88. Use the measured pH and known concentration of the acetic acid solution to determine the pKa of acetic acid.

    1. Using the equation pKa= -log Ka, calculate the Ka from the pH value and the starting acetic acid concentration.
    2. Calculate the Ka of acetic acid.

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    There are many weak acids, which do not completely dissociate in an aqueous solution. As a general discussion of weak acids, let HA represent a typical weak acid. Then its ionization can be written as:
    HA = H+ + A-
    In a solution whose label concentration is C (= [HA] + [A-]), let us assume that x is the concentration that has ...

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