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Calculate amount of NaOH to raise an acetic acid and water pH

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Please walk me through the calculation of determining how much NaOH is needed to raise a 1 liter solution of acetic acid and water with a pH of 4.5 to a final pH of 6.0 ---- this would be at 25 degrees C? What happens in this system if temperature is 55 degrees C?

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The solution determines the amount of NaOH required to raise acetic acid solution and water pH from 4.5 to 6.0.

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These are really tough questions, although they seem simple when one first reads them.

This would qualify as a buffer question however...it starts out as a weak acid problem.

When you are calculating the pH of a weak acid one usually uses the:

Ka = x^2/C-x generic equation, where Ka is the acid dissociation constant, C is the concentration of the acid, and x represents both the hydrogen ion concentration[H+] and the concentration of the ...

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