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Final pH of a Mixture of Acetic Acid, Alum, and NaOH

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A 1 liter solution of a mild acetic acid and water exhibits a pH of 4.0 --- the molar concentration of the acetic acid is unknown but is presumed to be 1x10^-4M; to this solution is added 100 grams of NaOH that has a pH of 12.0; then, 51 grams of aluminum sulfate hydrate (Al2(SO4)3-14H2O) with a pH of 3.5 is added to the solution; what is the final pH of the solution mixture (assuming equilibrium)and why?

Please show all calculations.

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The calculations needed to find the final pH of a mixture of acetic acid, alum, and NaOH are outlined. The NaOH is in excess, so the final pH is quite basic.