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Calculating the pH of a solution.

What is the new pH if a drop containing 0.001 moles of HCl is added to 100.00 ml of a solution 0.100M in each of acetic acid and sodium acetate? (ka for acetic acid 1.75e-5) 1.75x10^-5

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Since we have both acetic acid and sodium acetate in the solution it means we have a buffer. A buffer is a solution of both a weak acid and its conjugate base. When these 2 are present in fair amounts the solution can resist pH changes.

The solution reaction therefore is:

HA + H2O --> A- + H3O+ (this is before adding any HCl), (HA would be the acetic acid and A- resembles the sodium acetate)
When HCl is added to the solution it will react with the acetate ion since ...

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