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    Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Titrations

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    1. When you mix 10.0ml of ascorbic acid standard solution in the flask with 25ml water, 2ml of 6M acetic acid solution and 1ml of starch solution, it is necessary to know the exact final volume of this solution to get an accurate determination of ascorbic acid in the titrations of test solutions? Explain. Hint: Do the volumes of water, acetic acid and starch solutions enter into the calculations to determine the amount of ascorbic acid? Does the volume of ascorbic acid solution added before titration influence how much iodine solution will be needed?

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    As it turns out, the water, the acetic acid and the starch have no effect on the amount of iodine needed to react with the ascorbic acid.
    All that matters in the number of moles of ascorbic acid that were originally in the solution. By varying the amounts of water and ...

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    Aspects of ascorbic acid titrations are discussed.