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Vitamin C Content of Orange Juice Lab

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I have attached the sheet I need help with...Here is the info from the lab and my results are in the sheet so far.

The prepared iodine solution on the chemicals shelf with a stated concentration of 0.0015M is standardized (confirming the concentration) by performing the following titration:

1. Take a clean volumetric flask and put on workbench
2. Add 0.1g ascorbic acid to the volumetric flask
3. Fill the flask with water (making an appx 100ml solution) Record the amount of ascorbic acid used and the total volume prepared
4. Take a 150 Erlenmeyer flask and put on workbench
5. Pour 20ml of the absorbic acid solution( from volumetric flask)
6. Add 1ml Starch Indicator to Erlenmeyer flask
7. Burette fill with 50ml iodine solution with an approximately known concentration of 0.015M
8. Titrate the absorbic acid in Erlenmeyer flask at 1ml increments

PROCEDURE 2: Scenario:

1. Determine the ascorbic acid concentration in commercial orange juice, from a freshly opened container and from a container that was opened one week ago.
2. Prepare a sample of orange from the NEW container by adding 40ml of the juice to a clean Erlenmeyer flask. Add 1ml Starch Indicator
3. Titrate the orange juice with the standardized iodine solution.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to the WEEK OLD orange juice.

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