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    Budget Constraint, Substitutes, Complements,Indifference Map

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    For each case below:
    1) State if the goods in the bundles are "perfect substitutes," "perfect complements," or "imperfect substitutes" and 2) Draw 3 curves that could represent an indifference map for a consumer.

    (A) The bundles includes left shoes and right shoes

    (B) The bundles includes 8 ounce frozen orange juice and 12 ounce frozen orange juice

    (C) The bundles includes rice and potatoes

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    (A) The bundles includes left shoes and right shoes

    These are perfect complements because a person wears the left shoe with the right shoe. When we draw indifference curves the elbows of the curves are collinear.

    (B) The bundles includes ...

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