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    Managerial Statistics

    Business statistics is the science of good decision making in the face of uncertainty. It can be used in many disciplines, such as financial analysis, econometrics, auditing, production, and operations. Operations can include service improvement and marketing research.

    Business statistics is a branch of applied statistics that deals with data collected as a by-product of doing business or by government agencies. Business statistics questions feature regular repetitive publication of series data. This makes time series important for this type of statistics. A typical Business Statistics course is intended for business majors. It covers statistical study, descriptive statistics (collection, description, analysis, and summary of data), probability, and binomial and normal distributions.

    Here is an example of a Business Statistic question:

    A professor of industrial relations believes that an individual's wage rate at a factory (Y) depends on his performance rating (X1) and the number of economics courses the employee successfully completed in college (X2). The professor randomly selects 6 workers and collects the following information:

    Employee Y($) X1 X2
    1 10 3 0
    2 12 1 5
    3 15 8 1
    4 17 5 8
    5 20 7 12
    6 25 10 9

    Referring to the table, for these data, what is the estimated coefficient for performance rating, b1?

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    The Texas Consolidated Electronics Company is contemplating a research and development program encompassing eight research projects. The company is constrained from embarking on all projects by the number of available management scientists (40) and the budget available for R&D projects ($300,000). Further, if project 2 is select

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    Corsouth Mortgage Associates is a large home mortgage firm in the southeast. It has a poll of permanent and temporary computer operators who process mortgage accounts, including posting payments and updating escrow accounts for insurance and taxes. A permanent operator can process 220 accounts per day, and a temporary operator c

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    To eliminate or reduce non-value-added work is a core step in improving profitability or efficiency of the business process. Give your opinion on whether or not you agree or disagree with this statement and include one (1) example of a business process which supports or criticizes the aforementioned statement to support your pos

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    Describe a work task, a hobby, or another activity that you regularly do, and sequentially list the various actions you take in order to complete this activity. Consider the complexity of your list and the amount of steps required to complete the activity. Answer the following questions in the space provided below: 1. Diffe

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    Leaders of a local club want to focus on recruiting and looked through their recruiting and membership paperwork. They realized that over the past 30 years of annual open-house events, they spoke to four people who were interested enough in joining to take an application packet home. The historical probability P(X) that the inte

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    Pioneer Aircraft Co. sells private, single-engine planes. Most sales are for customers engaged in private and leisure flying. In a 50-week period, sales in the past five years have averaged to the following: PLANES SOLD WEEKS THIS NUMBER SOLD 0 40 1 8 2 1 3 1 1. Determine the probability of each numbe

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    I am using Apple Inc Consider the organization you selected for Module 1. Discuss the product or parts manufactured or used in this organization. Try to apply the Gauge Verification in this process. Show your understanding of how this Gauge Verification help you understand the randomness and errors. Collect your own data to

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    1. A company is trying to design its supply chain network in the United States. They are thinking about three possible locations for their warehouses in Denver, Memphis, and Richmond. They have three major markets at New York City, Los Angles and Chicago. If the company decides to have a warehouse at one location, there will be

    Business Statistics: Correlation Coefficient and Linear Regression

    I need help resolved the following problem. Thank you in advance! NOTE: I tried uploaded the data on my excel sheet but it continuously says uploading. I have done everything and it won't let me upload the sheet. Use the Student_Data.xls file to solve the following. Problem 1) Does studying really help with grades?

    Proportion Test - Student Data

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    Confidence intervals for estimation of parameters

    Question 1 1. A random sample of 100 students attending a concert spent an average of $142 on their tickets with a standard deviation of $47.50. Calculate the 90%, 95%, and 99% confidence intervals for the mean amount of money spent by all students attending the concert. Interpret your response within the context of the si

    Decision Making with Utility Functions and Uncertainty

    See attachment. ABC Company does subcontracting on government contracts. ABC Company is a small company with limited capital with a utility function described as follows: U(x) = -x/100-x^2/5,000 for x < -1,000 U(x) = x/100-170 for -1,000 ≤ x ≤ 10,000 U(x) = √x for x > 10,000 Part 1 Suppose ABC Company is conside

    Probability Distribution for Traffic Accidents

    The follow table contains the probability distribution for the number of traffic accidents daily in a small city. See attached. a. Compute the mean number of accidents per day. b. Compute the standard deviation.

    Statistical Analysis of Calories and Certificate of Deposit

    See the attachments. 2.49 The file VeggieBurger contains data on the calories and total fat (in grams per serving) for a sample of 12 veggie burgers. a. Construct a scatter plot with calories on the X axis and total fat on the Y axis. b. What conclusions can you reach about the relationship between the calories and total fa

    Determining the confidence interval for means

    A packaged goods supplier designed a new package ("white") that it thought was more appealing than its old package ("blue"). It conducted a 10-week trial of the two packages in selected "matched" stores with the results shown below (sales in thousands of dollars). Week Blue White 1 8.4 9.2 2

    Confident Intervals of Milk Weight

    Twenty six gallons of milk were selected from a dairy. The mean weight of the containers was 2.7 pounds with a standard deviation of .4 lbs. You would be 90% confident the milk weight will be in what range of values?

    Utilizing MS Excel and SPSS in Managerial Decision-Making

    Research Microsoft Excel, the statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS), and the legal and ethical aspects of surveys and data collection. Answer the following questions separately and completely: •Describe ways in which MS Excel can be used by a manager of an organization as a tool for interpreting data. •What a

    Learning Curve Calculations

    1) The first unit required 9800 hours to manufacture. The company expects to experience an 85% unit learning curve. Estimate the cost of the 20th unit. Round intermediate calculations to 4 decimal places. a) 5408 hours b) 4855 hours c) 23112 hours d) 4155 hours 2) Given the following information, determine the equa

    Cost vs Power

    You are estimating the cost ($K) of optical sensors based on the power output of the sensor. Using the preliminary calculations from a data set of 8 sensors, determine the equation of the line. (Round your intermediate calculations to 3 decimal places) ΣY = 2575 ΣX=680 ΣXY=241400 ΣX2=62600 A) Cost = 6.763 +

    Manufacturing Process Statistical Analysis

    An Introduction to Gage R & R - Simplified Gauge Verification Sir/ Ma'am, I understand the basic premise that Gage R&R helps determine the magnitude of the variation in a measurement system as well as the sources of this variation. I also see that while the sources of variation can be numerous, three of these sources are fu

    Fund Size and Fund Selection

    How will the risk of fund and fund size affect people who do fund selection? How about if people want medium risk?

    Inspection result probablitlites

    Management of a golf ball company has carefully screened and selected 12 dozen golf balls, and it is agreed that this sample contains 15 nonconforming balls (all for various cosmetic reasons). The balls are given to an inspector for classification into "good" and "bad" piles. The inspector ends up rejecting 7 good balls, and ac

    Linear Trend Estimation

    Please help to build a spreadsheet to figure out the following: Freight car loadings over an 18-week period at a busy port are: Week Number 1 220 2 245 3 293 4 275 5 332 6 310 7 350 8 360 9 427 10 380 11 432 12 450 13 477 14 475 15 538 16 510 17 532 18 541 a) Compute a linear trend line for freight c

    Yearly Savings Calculations

    Assume that you would like to purchase a home in the next 5 years. Also assume that you have already saved $50,000 so far and the approximate cost of the house is $250,000. Calculate how much you need to save for the next five years to purchase this home and put down 20% as a down payment. Using the following Web site: http://ww

    Learning Curve

    1) Given the following information, determine the equation for the unit formulation. (Round intermediate calculations to 4 decimal places) Unit Number (X) Unit Cost(Y) 1 $900.00 2 780.00 3 717.37 4 676.00 - Y = (900)(X

    T-tests and Regressions

    I need some answering these questions on T-tests and Regressions: 1) You are estimating the cost of optical sensors based on the POWER OUTPUT of the sensor. You decide to calculate the coefficient of determination (R2) as part of determining the goodness of fit of an equation. Using the preliminary calculations below, calcul

    Data analysis

    The program office budgets $30,000 per program review at the contractor's site. Your concern for "end of year" spending drills is that you have budgeted enough for the reviews (i.e. you are only concerned if the actual costs are higher than the $30,000 target). A sample of 16 trips yielded a mean of $32,500 and a standard deviat

    Basic Interval Statistics

    Gorman Industries, LLC wants to give a short survey to a sample of hires who have been with the company for less than one year, roughly several thousand employees. They want to be able to establish a confidence interval for the proportion of new hires that are happy with Gorman Industries. Plan 1: The HR manager will wait at