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Cost vs Power

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You are estimating the cost ($K) of optical sensors based on the power output of the sensor. Using the preliminary calculations from a data set of 8 sensors, determine the equation of the line. (Round your intermediate calculations to 3 decimal places)

ΣY = 2575 ΣX=680 ΣXY=241400 ΣX2=62600

A) Cost = 6.763 + 3.786 (Power)

B) Cost = 4.693 + (-77.005) (Power)

C) Cost = 3.786 + 6.763 (Power)

D) Cost = -77.005 + 4.693 (Power)

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y = m x + b

<y> = sum(y)/n = 2575/8 = 321.875
<x> = sum(x)/n = 680/8 = 85

m ...

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As per given data, line of best fit is estimated in clear calculations for a cost vs power chart.

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