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Learning Curve Problems

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1) Given the following information, determine the equation for the unit formulation. (Round intermediate calculations to 4 decimal places)

Unit Number (X) Unit Cost(Y)
1 $900.00
2 780.00
3 717.37
4 676.00

- Y = (900)(X) 0.6931
- Y = (900)(X) -0.2065
- Y = (900)(X) 0.9000
- Y = (900)(X) -0.1521

2) It cost a contractor $9,765 to manufacture their first unit. The company expects to experience an 82% unit learning curve. Estimate the cost of the 7th unit. (Round intermediate calculations to 4 decimal places)
- $ 7,615
- $ 8,593
- $ 6,821
- $ 5,594

3) If a company took 100 hours to assemble their first unit and 90 hours to assemble the second unit, we might expect it to take:
- 81 hours to assemble the fourth unit.
- 72.25 hours to assemble the third unit.
- 72.25 hours to assemble the fourth unit.
- 70 hours to assemble the third unit.

4) It took a contractor 1285 hours to manufacture their first unit of an item. If the contractor expects to achieve a 92% unit learning curve, how many hours would be required to manufacture units 52-100? (Use the tables provided in the lesson).
- 290,475
- 38,289
- 37,488
- 284,398

5) In the following unit learning curve equation:

- The slope equals 88%.
- Y represents the cost of the 34th unit.
- Y is the cost of the first unit.
- The slope equals 91.1%

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1. 780/900 = 86.6667%, so we know the slope is 86.6667%. The exponent on X is given by:
ln(0.866667)/ln(2) = -0.2065

Y = 900 X ^(-0.2065)

2. Given a slope of 82%, we calculate the ...

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