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Learning Curves in a Business Setting

How might the following business specialists use a learning curve?
- Financial Analysts
- Personnel Managers
- Marketers
- Accountants
- Computer Programmers

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Definition of Learning Curve:
"The learning effect [curve] recognizes that the time required to make a product (or provide a service) reduces the more times it is made by the same person or group of workers. The learning effect [curve] is consequently concerned with cumulative production over time of products, not the production of a single product or batch at a particular moment in time. Learning occurs because people are resourceful, learn from errors and are interested in finding ways to complete tasks in less time in the future." (Steven, 2010, p. 1).

A learning curve is the patterns in the way people learn; as change occurs, learning takes place. Through repetition of tasks, workers learn to perform their jobs in a more efficient manner. They gain experience with procedures and processes thereby lending to efficiency, improvements in ...

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How business specialists use a learning curve is determined. Financial analyst, personnel managers, marketers, accountants and computer programmers are examined.