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Corporate Finance Concepts and Benefits

Can someone please provide some assistance with responding to the students Jamie's post below. The question the student answered was: which concepts presented in this course were most important to you? How will this course benefit your personal and/or professional development? What did you find most beneficial about the course?

Benefits of Studying Finance

Can someone please provide some assistance with a question. Its for a MBA course. Please see attached for information and the question. Thank you so much in advance for your help. I really appreciate it. Can someone please provide some assistance with responding to the students Sudip's post below. The question the student ans

How financial statements (IS, BS & CFS) are interrelated

Describe how the financial statements (the income statement, statement of retained earnings, balance sheet and statement of cash flows) are interrelated. Provide at least two examples. If you were an investor, would you place more emphasis on any one particular financial statement? Explain your answer.

Financial Planning in Competitions

Can someone please provide some assistance with responding to the students Jamie's post below. The question the student answered was: what role does financial planning play for a competitive firm? I need help with writing a response to the students post below. My response has to be significant and advanced the discussion and n

Roles Financial Planning Plays in Competitive Firms

Can someone please provide some assistance with responding to the students Jacob's post below. The question the student answered was: what role does financial planning play for a competitive firm? I need help with writing a response to the students post below. My response has to be significant and advanced the discussion and n

Capital budgeting for projects

I need some assistance with this assignment please: Capital budgeting is the process by which long-term fixed assets are evaluated and possibly selected or rejected for investment purposes. The purpose of capital budgeting is to evaluate potential projects for possible investment by the firm. Questions: Address all of the fo

Firm's capital structure

I need help on this assignment please: A firm's capital structure is determined by more than just a component cost for each source of capital and is not fixed over time. Rather, the capital structure of a firm is determined by conditions in the domestic and international economies and it should also reflect changing conditions i

Finance: Capital budgeting

I need some help with this assignment, it is said to be between 4-5 pages long, thank you: The Allied Group is considering two investments. The first investment involves a packaging machine, which can be used to package garments for shipping orders to customers. The second possible investment would be a molding machine that w

Time Value of Money Problems Examinations

I need some help with this assignment please: Bob and Carol are planning for the birth of their first child exactly four years from today. They are now ready to start their savings plan for the big event. The current hospital cost for having a healthy baby at the local hospital is $6500 after all insurance payments. Pre-natal

Flexible budgets by identifying variable and fixed components

Tempo Company's fixed budget for the first quarter of year 2016 reveals the following. Prepare flexible budgets that show variable costs per unit, fixed costs, and three different flexible budgets for sales volumes of 6,000, 7,000, and 8,000 units Sales (7,000 units) $2,800.000 Cost of goods sold: Direct materials $280,000

Stock Pitches for Stocks in telecommunications industry

1. Select 3 not-so-well-known stocks in the Telecommunications and Internet Infrastructure markets. Clarification: 3 total. 2. "Pitch" a potential investor these 3 stocks (i.e. tell why they are good investments). These stock pitches are regularly given and asked for on Wall Street. 3. Some guidelines: each recomme

Long Range Planning

1. Why should a business visualize long range goals and create a long range plan, instead of simply working through one annual plan and budget at a time? 2.Will a business need to make important financial decisions or commitments today that have long range consequences? 3.How is a strategic planning different than l

Bonds with warrants

Name______________________________________ FINC 5880 Session 9 a. Calculate the value of the debt portion of the bonds with warrants. Stock price $30 Bonds-life and par value 20 Par value $1,000 # of warrants per bond 40 Exercise price $36 Wa

Security Valuation: Information Asymmetry

Can you discuss with me in regards to information asymmetry, explain how different buyers and sellers in the securities market can have different information about particular securities that would cause them to value them differently. Also, can you suggest any peer reviewed articles that I can review in addtion to your respo

Leverage and capital strtucture

Just looking for assistance to help solve these, I am lost. I can only afford the 7 credits right now and any help is appreciated.Below are the problems I am stuck on, but also attached the worksheet. Thank you. Karmen P13-9: Degree of operating leverage Grey Products has a fixed operating cost of $380,000, variable operati

Accounting: Equity statement, Cash flow analysis

Please use separate excel document to answer all questions. Clearly identify negative numbers. 1. on June 23, 2008 Lennar Cosmetics sold $250,000 worth of products to Bynum, with the payment to me made in 90 days on September 20. The goods were shipped to Bynum on July 2. When should the sale should be recognized on: -

Opportunity Cost for Capital Budgeting Processes

What is opportunity cost and why is it an important concept in the capital budgeting process? The opportunity cost concept applies to almost every financial decision we make as individuals. Can you give an example from your own experience?

Accounting framework

Use the Accounting Framework, Financial Statements, and Some Accounting Concepts by William J. Bruns, Jr. • Compute a common-sized income statement and balance sheet for the years presented. (2001, 2002, 2003) o State your findings from the analysis. • Compute the following ratios and interpret them for the years prese

Collections in the medical industry

Explain in detail, whether should a financial manager collect expected money up front or allow the patient to make payments to assist with co-payments or deductibles?

Ideological viewpoints affect governance

Continued poverty in America is a loaded topic that can't be easily explained by polling. How do you explain such apparent contradictions in public opinion? As a policy maker, how would you interpret such results? References

Excel - ASIC website, Single Index Model regression

Now I am working on a financial report problem. But before finish the report, I want to someone to help me to do an Excel for perfecting my work. The excel is NOT required by my professor, and She said we can ask someone else to do the excel part because the excel part is not included in this class. I will do the report by mys

Future value of annuity

Doug has developed a financial retirement strategy. His plan is to invest in somewhat risky stocks for 20 years and then move everything to low risk bonds for the retirement years as described below. He presently has $150,000 in a retirement account that will be re-invested in a stock fund that has historically earned 10% annua

M&A environment characterized as the market for corporate gov

The M&A environment as often been characterized as the market for corporate governance. Followers of the efficient market theories argue that M&A activity promotes efficiency in firms and markets. Comment on this citing articles or comments on recent mergers. Note, this isn't about synergies.

Inventory simulation using various ordering policies

You will assume the role of the inventory manager for Simkin's Hardware. Use the initial simulation attachment, which uses a reorder policy of order 10 units when inventory falls to 5 or less. Run the simulation over 20 days and answer the following: 1. Using the initial simulation results, determine the estimated total a

Financial Remediation Spreadsheets

Within the spreadsheet: The following ratios are incorrect and require revision: Inventory turnover - 5.3 Accounts receivable turnover - 31.0 Day's sales in receivables - 11.8 Debt ratio - 29.73 Rate of return on net sales - 6.65 Rate of return on total assets - 15.12 Rate of return on stockholder's equity - 20.26 E

Fiscal Law and Use of Appropriations

What is the process by which Government expenditures are authorized and funded, and what are the major types of appropriations and their uses? What are the most common constraints on the use of appropriated funds? Hi I need help answering these questions, thanks

Cost Measurement

PREMIER PRODUCTS, INC. Premier Products, Inc. manufactures tennis rackets. Premier Products has grown extensively over the past two years. While the company has been very profitable, President Mark Harrison is concerned with its ability to cost products accurately. Some products appear to be very profitable while others, which

Symantec; The Selling Off Veritas

The software giant Symantec has decided to narrow its concentration and rid its self of Veritas. Many are skeptical because they feel this move corners business and doesn't allow for diversity, will investors take a hit with Symantec narrowing its operations? Also, will Symantec be a better player in the software field n

YTD NET Profit and Loss - Revenue

Question: Should the NET WIP (under billings and over billings) tie to back to my YTD NET Profit and Loss - Revenue (under billings and over billings) number? I am having a difficult time reconciling the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts against each other. Notable: It's a construction company that has fixed-pri