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Letter of Interest

To Whom It May Concern: I would like to express my interest in applying for the Regional, Traffic Signal Manager's position. My experience aligns with the qualifications you are seeking at the Department of Public Works, in particular my role as the current Supervisor of Traffic Signal Maintenance with the department. I am c

Financial Management Strategies for Healthcare Organizations

The Healthcare delivery system is affected by barriers as to economic cost and access to healthcare providers. What financial management strategies may be implemented to ensure that economic cost is within a level that allows the healthcare provider to obtain the desired level of profit, while ensuring accessibility and avail

Vacancy Factor for Compensation

Hi, how do I calculate vacancy factor for compensation? Every year we do a budget and every year compensation expenses comes in favorable to budget due to open/term positions. So my boss wants me to include a vacancy factor to reduce the budget compensation expense. My boss said it should be based on a historical % of compensat

Total Relevant Costs

Millbridge Family Services (MFS) currently operates a foster care program that is fully funded by the state. Changing government priorities are expected to result in a 20% reduction in its state foster care funding for the upcoming fiscal year. MFS's management is considering eliminating the foster care program in the next fisca

Holding Too Much Cash

Hello, I need some help with this assignment. Because of a new product line, your company's sales over the last few months have increased significantly. As a result, the amount of cash held by the company has increased to levels never experienced before. An evaluation by the company's financial staff concludes that the

Foreign Stock Investment

Discuss the value of foreign stocks in an investment portfolio. Do you want them? If so, which ones? Do you diversify the classes as you would domestic stock? If so, what classes would you select? Are there any countries you would avoid? What about a stock index for foreign stocks—is this a good or a bad idea?

Time Value of Money and Equivalent Annuity

Please do your own work and do not share your work with others. Please type a numerical solution in the space provided for each problem -- thanks. 1. How much will you have at the end of 16 years if put $8680 per year at the end of each year into a saving account earning 1.8% annually? _________ 2. How much do you need to i

Optimal time to abandon investment

1. An asset costs $247,000 and will generate cash benefits of $80,000 at the end of each year for six years for Hartford Corporation. Salvage values are $160,000, $145,000, $85,000, and $45,000 at the end of years 3, 4, 5, and 6 respectively. The required return is 5.25 percent. Please compute the net present

Financial Management in Public Service Organizations

1. What are the major sources of financing for the federal government, state governments, the health sector, and the not-for-profit sector? Your response must be at least 75 words in lenght. 2. Discuss the rol of financial management in public service organization. Your response must be at least 75 words in lenght.

Under Armour Ratio Analysis

I am unsure how to get started and how to enter this information into Excel I need some help on this assignment and four more after this one. Thank you Under Armour has been chosen from the NYSE or the NASDAQ. For your selected company, identify and download the most recent financial statements for the last three to five ye

An Analysis of Industry Data

Calloway Products has the following data. Industry information is also shown. Industry Data Income Total Assets Income/Total Assets on Next Year Net 2013 $360,000 $3,000,000 11.00% 2014 $380,000 $3,400,000 8.00% 2015 $380,000 $3,800,000 5.00% Industry Data Ye

Herding Behavior by Institutional Investors

Do institutional investors exhibit herding behavior? If so, what are the causes of this behavior and what are the effects on small investors? If not, provide an alternate explanation for large price swings in equity and debt markets.

Specific Performance & Liquidating Damages

Determine whether certain contract remedies exist in the following scenario: Forrest Gump is a famous table tennis player. He enters into a contract with Alabama Sports Marketing to advertise the latest ping pong game and to serve as the computer-generated imagery (CGI) model for the development of the video game. Gump is pe

implementation plan for Southwest Airline

create a word document implementation plan with: objectives, functional tactics, action items, milestones and deadlines, tasks and task ownership and resource allocation for Southwest Airline

Forwards and Futures Question

A drink wholesaler needs 100,000 gallons of cheap cognac for delivery in New York in June 2017. A producer offers to deliver the cognac at that time $500,000 paid now, in May 2016. The wholesaler can also buy cheap cognac futures contracts for November 2016. The current futures price is $51,000 for each 10,000 gallon futures co

UKs exit from EU: Brexit

As UK will soon face referendum to stay/exit EU. Please kindly let me know the cost and benefits behind UK leaving EU? from a financial investor point of view. As a foreign investor from Asia, are there any specific investments we can benefit from the situations? Please elaborate how as a Asian investor, we can benefit fro

Northrop Grumman COC

Based on the defense industry and after looking at Northrop Grumman financial for the past three years, where do you think Northrop Grumman will be in the next three to five years? What is the cost of capital and its components, the fundamental value per share are calculated for Northrop Grumman

Financial Functions

Please assist with 1000 words regarding how to analyze the financial functions of an organization. Please include at least 2 pages (single spaced) in length (not including the cover and reference pages), describe the approach that should be taken to research the subject, and include three references. Please note I have alr

Operating cash flow computation

"The financial staff of Cairn Communications has identified the following information for the first year of the roll-out of its new proposed services: Project Sales $18 million Operating Costs (not inc

Forecast of growth rate given stock price

A stock is trading at $80 per share. The stock is expected to have a year-end dividend of $4 per share (D1 = $4), and it is expected to grow at some constant rate g throughout time. The stock's required rate of return is 14% (assume the market is in equilibrium with the required return equal to the expected return). What is y

Boehm: Estimated Value Per Share, Infinite Dividend, Growth

Boehm Incorporated is expected to pay a $1.50 per share dividend at the end of this year (i.e., D1 = $1.50). The dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 6% a year. The require rate of return on the stock, rS is 13%. What is the estimated value per share of Boehm's stock?

Which project has the higher MIRR?

"Your company is considering two mutually exclusive projects, X and Y, whose costs and cash flows are shown below: Year X Y 0 -$ 5,000 - $5,000 1

Periodic LIFO - Ending inventory and Cost of goods sold computation

The periodic inventory records of Saxton Prosthetics indicate the following for the month of July: Jul 1 Beginning merchandise inventory 8 units @ $ 25 each 8 Purchase 15 units @ $ 20 each 15 Purchase 15 units @ $ 32 each 26 Purchase 12 units @ 35 each At July 31, Saxton counts four units of invento

Journal entry - Perpetual inventory system

Please see attached. Preparing a journal entry Accounts: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash, Cost of Goods Sold, Delivery Expense, Freight In, Merchandise Inventory, Purchase Discounts, Purchase Returns and Allowances, Purchases, Sales Discounts, Sales Returns and Allowances, Sales Revenue REQUIREMENTS: 1. J

Inflation - inventory cost flow method

During a period of inflation (increasing costs of goods), which inventory cost flow method would provide the highest ending inventory balance? How would this affect the net income of the company? Explain why it would, or would not, be ethical to select the cost flow method that reports the highest net income?

Corporate Finance Concepts and Benefits

Can someone please provide some assistance with responding to the students Jamie's post below. The question the student answered was: which concepts presented in this course were most important to you? How will this course benefit your personal and/or professional development? What did you find most beneficial about the course?

Benefits of Studying Finance

Can someone please provide some assistance with a question. Its for a MBA course. Please see attached for information and the question. Thank you so much in advance for your help. I really appreciate it. Can someone please provide some assistance with responding to the students Sudip's post below. The question the student ans

How financial statements (IS, BS & CFS) are interrelated

Describe how the financial statements (the income statement, statement of retained earnings, balance sheet and statement of cash flows) are interrelated. Provide at least two examples. If you were an investor, would you place more emphasis on any one particular financial statement? Explain your answer.