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    Steel mill production planning

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    A steel mill produces two types of steel alloy: boral and chromal. Production of each alloy requires three processes: Box anneal, Cold Roll, and Strand anneal. Production capacities are:
    Box anneal: 4,000 hours/month
    Cold Roll: 500 hours/month
    Strand anneal: 1,000 hours/month
    Production rates in tons per hour are:
    Box anneal Cold roll pass 1 Strand anneal Cold roll pass 2
    Boral 4 72 11 36
    Chromal 2 Not required 20 24
    The maximum demand for boral is 10,500 tons/month and for chromal 6,000 tons/month. The contributions/ton are boral: $25, and chromal: $35.

    What combination of boral and chromal maximizes total monthly contribution?

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