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    Time value of money calculation

    1. Joe Mauer, a catcher for the Minnesota twins is expected to hit 15 home runs in 2012. If his home run hitting ability is expected to grow 12 percent every year for the following five years, how many runs is he expected to hit in 2017? 2. Roy Gross is considering an investment that pays 7.6 percent. How much will he have to

    Future Value for IRA Investment

    Problem 1: Hal Thomas, a 25-year-old college graduate, wishes to retire at age 65. To supplement other sources of retirement income, he can deposit $2,000 each year into a tax-deferred individual retirement arrangement (IRA). The IRA will earn a 10% return over the next 40 years. a. If Hal makes annual end-of-year $2,000 de

    Pro Forma Income Statement for Company

    Prepare a pro forma income statement for Hi-Tech Manufacturing Company using the following information: 1. Projected sales of $2,025,000 based on 1,000 units 2. Cost of goods sold: $1,200 variable cost per unit and $135,000 of fixed costs 3. Selling and administrative expenses: $20,000 per month 4. Depreciation: $10,000 per

    Building a Balance Sheet Using Ratios

    Complete the balance sheet of Flying Roos Corporation. Please refer to the attached document. Flying Roos Corporation Balance Sheet as of December 31,2011 Assets: Liabilities

    Comparing Industry Ratios and Turnover

    Trademark corps financial manger collect the following information for its peer group to compare its performance against that of its peers. Ratios trademark peer group dso 33.5 days 27.9 days total assets turnover 2.3 3.7 inventory turnover 1.8 2.8 quick ratio .6 1.3 a. Explain how trademark is

    Adjusted Trial Balance, Income Statement, and Memo

    You are just starting an internship at a small public accounting firm. You receive a memo from the intern supervisor that outlines the assignment. - Include one excel folder with different tabs for the adjusted trial balance, the income statement, and the balance sheet. A multi-step income statement and a classified balanc

    Planning and budgeting

    1-Why are planning and budgeting so important to an organizations success? 2-Briefly describe the planning process. Be sure to include summaries of the strategic, operating and financial plans. 3-Describe the components of a financial plan. Consider the following hospital data:

    Present and Future Value Relationship

    Please explain and support your reactions to the following questions: •What is the relationship between Present Value and Future Value? •What are the calculations involved with PV and FV? •How can you apply these concepts to a personal or business situation you are familiar with - please explain and support with terms

    Break-Even / Fixed Cost Analysis on Food and Beverages

    Food and Beverages at Southwestern University Football Games Southwestern University (SWU), a large state university in Stephenville, Texas, 30 miles southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, enrolls close to 20,000 students. The school is the dominant force in the small city, with more students during fall and spring th

    APA Abstract and Format for Research Paper

    Hi, I need some help with an assignment, I need an APA abstract for my proposed research topic. My topic is government debt. I have no idea how to do an APA abstract, I have never done one and I have no clue on how to do it. Can someone help me out, and direct me in the right direction?

    Sources of financial information

    What I need to accomplish is: - Identify various sources of financial information and relate them to particular financial activities - Distinguish among different types of financial information that exists - Explain how to find various sources and apply different information to different situations ----------------------

    Making equity investment decisions

    Reply to the following: I just purchased my first 100 shares of stock this year in November, and as you may have guessed I didn't really know what I was doing. My close friend studying finance invested close to $10,000 within the last 7 years with pretty good return if he was to sell now (and of course the thought of easy mon

    Public companies and regulations

    Reply to the following: An IPO is defined as the first ever sale of stock by a private company. It is usually offered more often by small companies looking to expand their capital. It can also be used by bigger private corporations looking to become publicly traded. The difference between public and private corporation is

    Options: Buyers and Writers

    Please help with the following discussion regarding options for buyers and writers. Discuss the upside and the downside potential of options from both the perspective of the writer of the option and the buyer of the option. How and why are these the same or different?

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship

    See the attached case study. Use the questions at the end of the case for guidance, but please add to your explanations. Please help me prepare 2-3 page response including synthesis of applications to corporate organizational structure. Please cite and list any references used. The McGee Cake Comapny In Early 2005, Doc

    Business Finance-Week 4

    1. (Payback and discounted payback period calculations) The Bar-None Manufacturing Co. manufactures fence panels used in cattle feed lots throughout the Midwest. Bar-None's management is considering three investment projects for next year but doesn't want to make any investment that requires more than three years to recover th

    Applying Financial Concepts to Real Life Situations

    Please give me one example from your research, work, or personal life of an application of the basic types of financial management decisions and the role of the financial manager. Please cite and list all references used.

    Initial Public Offerings

    The IPO Process You should be able to explain and support your reactions to the following questions: •What is an IPO? •What is the difference between a public corporation and a private partnership or corporation? •How does the SEC regulate a company in going "public" and once it is a public entity? •Give an exam

    Calculations for corporate finance questions

    Corporate Finance 1. You have recently been hired as the new bookstore manager for Wilmington University and you are in the process of ordering, guess what? Textbooks! Cengage Learning (a company that is taking over the textbook business) will send you the texts with these terms: net 30 days. Looking at old inventory report

    The Risk and Return on Stock and Bonds

    Explain the historical relationships between risk and return for common stocks versus corporate bonds. Explain the manner in which diversification helps risk reduction in the portfolio. Support the response with actual data. Usually, the higher the risk on an asset, the greater the return or potential for loss. Take stocks fo

    Sharpe Razor Company Exercise

    Sharpe Razor Company has total assets of $2,500,000 and current assets of $1,000,000. It turns over its fixed assets. 5 times a year and has $700,000 of debt. Its return on sales is 3 percent. What is Sharpe's return on stockholders' equity?

    The Bank of Nova Scotia

    1. Provide a brief but concise introduction of Bank Of Nova Scotia including: - Corporate history - Industry - Primary Competitors - Primary Products and/or Services 2. Include a financial analysis of the company using ratios relevant to your company and industry. (These ratios must be accompanied by commentary expl

    Inventory Turnover, Flotations Costs, and Equity Financing

    1. Why would an inventory turnover ratio be more important for a retailer than a consulting firm? 2. Describe the various flotation costs from issuing stock. How do those flotation costs compare to those from issuing bonds? 3. What signals are provided to investors when a company obtains equity financing? What signals are


    1. Cross Rates Suppose the exchange rate between U.S. dollars and the Swiss franc is SFr1.5 = $1, and the exchange rate between the dollar and the British pound is £1 = $1.40. What then is the cross rate between francs and pounds? Round your answer to two decimal places. 2. Effective Cost of Trade Credit The D.J. Masson C

    Create cash flow from financial statements

    AC1420 Exercise 4.2 The following calculations will be based on the income statement and the balance sheet provided: The net cash flow from operating activities The net cash flow from investing activities The net cash flow from financing activities Comparative Balance Sheet for the Years 2009 and 2010 12/31/

    Stock Split, Residual Distribution, and External Equity

    1. Stock Split Suppose you own 4,000 common shares of Laurence Incorporated. The EPS is $8.00, the DPS is $4.75, and the stock sells for $65 per share. Laurence announces a 2-for-1 split. Immediately after the split, how many shares will you have? What will the adjusted EPS and DPS be? Round your answers to the nearest cent

    Full disclosure principle in financial reporting

    Requires about 250 words for this complete discussion with good example. Examine the full disclosure principle in financial reporting and discuss why it is important and how should it be used in financial reporting. Choose an example of poor accounting practices and identify the consequences of not following the full disclosu