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    Mortgage comparison

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    Part I: Select a piece of real estate (residential, commercial, warehouse, land). Any number of resources can be used (www.realtor.com is one option). You will need to include a listing sheet/link with your submitted assignment.

    Part II: Determine a down payment. A standard down payment is 20%, however you may offer justification for any amount/percent you choose.

    Part III: Research 2 different financing options

    Part IV: Use Excel (or other approved spread sheet) to create a complete amortization schedule for the life of both financing options.

    Part V: Write an analysis that compares and contrasts the two financing options in detail. Be specific. Include justifications for selecting an option.

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    PART I
    I have always love going to Harvard University which is the reason why for this tutorial, I chose Boston as the city where the real estate property should be located at.

    I have chosen a $284,900 1,622 sq. ft. residential house with 3 bedrooms, and 2 and a half ...

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    This solution shows step-by-step instructions to compare mortgages in real estate. Links are provided for financing option research.