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    Comparison of 2 types of stocks

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    I need a stock comparison of performance comparing NVR to CTX, i am trying to write a page or 2 on researching how both these industries compare in terms of performance.


    (CTX) Centex Corporation

    (NVR) NVR Mortgage Finance, Inc

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    Growth of $10,000

    NVR Inc., one of the country's largest homebuilding and mortgage banking companies. A booming real estate market pumped up the homebuilder's earnings as evidenced in the 27 percent increase in net income on sales of more than 12,000 homes last year. NVR, Inc. operates in two business segments, homebuilding and mortgage banking. NVR conducts its homebuilding activities directly and its mortgage banking operations primarily through a wholly owned subsidiary.

    Trailing Returns % 02-10-05
    3 year 5 year 10 year
    Stock 44.9 77.8 64.0
    % Rank in Industry 30 11 4
    Industry Average 41.9 53 30.8
    S&P 500 4.8 -1.8 11.5
    *10yr data is most recent month end.

    NPR's stock is in the home building industry, which has proven to be an excellent industry over the trailing 5- and 10-year periods. What's more, this stock has been one of the strongest performers in its industry.

    NPR stocks' price/cash flow ratio is fairly normal ...

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