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    The Role of The Financial Accounting Standards Board

    Explore the role and impact of the organization on business entities, the accounting profession and our economy This not an essay, just a discussion. I have no much knowledge on the topic and want to get smart on it prior to discussion.

    Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Financial Management

    ALL responses must be at least 250 words in length. All sources used must be referenced; paraprased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. Must be APA format (in-text and reference citations are required for written responses). Show step by step solutions 1. Describe the statement of cash flows and why it is

    Planning Theory vs. Practice

    How does planning theory differ from the practice of planning? What is the major difference between public planning and private planning? List and discuss three theoretical approaches to the process of planning. Which approach do you feel is most effective for urban planners?

    Expected Rate of Return and Stock variance and Standard Deviation

    1) Given the following data, What is the weight of security 1? Of security 2? 3? What is the expected return on the portfolio? Security 1 ; $5,000 invested; Expected return 7% Security 2; $7,000 invested; Expected return 9% Security 3; $9,000 invested; Expected return 12% 2) The expected possible outcomes for Roxy Stock

    The Weighted Average Cost of Capital Method

    The Weighted Average Cost of Capital Method 4. Suppose Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is considering divesting one of its manufacturing plants. The plant is expected to generate free cash flows of $1.5 million per year, growing at a rate of 2.5% per year. Goodyear has an equity cost of capital of 8.5%, a debt cost of capit

    Economics & Politics of Environmental Planning

    List and discuss the reasons why environmental planning can be difficult to pursue? How does federal environmental planning influence state and local environmental planning? Discuss some examples in which the U.S. government has taken steps to address environmental planning. Lastly, what are some economic and political implic

    Benefits of an Investment Policy

    Do you think working with an investment policy may prevent investors from optimizing their returns? Is it beneficial to investors? Why? Thank you,

    China's Urbanuzation - Past, Present and Future

    What are the three main reasons why urbanization was limited between 1949 and 1980 in China? What specific tasks did the Chinese government perform regarding urban planning during this period? Has the urbanization movement in China been balanced regionally? Why or why not? What are some challenges that the Chinese government

    Calculating the future values and WACC

    Please supply the formulas for the solution only. 1. Future Value and Annuity Payments Christy and Michael are trying to decide if they will have enough money to retire early in 15 years, at age 60. Their current assets include $250,000 in retirement plans and $100,000 in other investments. Together, they contribute $30,000

    Eminent Domain Proclamation

    Discuss the process that must occur in order for government to proclaim eminent domain to assume control over the private property of citizens. How does eminent domain differ from the concept of government zoning? How does eminent domain differ from police power as it relates to the government assuming control over private pro

    Estimating cash flows and net present value

    1. A company is considering a three-year project that requires an initial fixed asset investment of $1,800,000. The project will be depreciated straight-line to zero over its three year life. The salvage value is negligible. The annual sales and operating expenses are projected to be $1,500,000 and $800,000, respectively. The ma

    Financial ratios uses and limitations

    1. How do you think financial ratios differ across different industries? Compare two industries of your choice and select a few ratios and explain whether you think the ratios would be higher or lower for each of those industries and explain why. 2. What are some uses and limitations of financial ratios?

    Bonds, Stocks, and Investments

    1. What is the average return a person will usually earn off of bonds? How different is this than stocks? 2. Do you think that age of the investor is a factor as to what they should invest in?

    Ethical Considerations When Making Fundraising Decisions

    Can someone please provide some assistance with this question. Would you require a new development office staff member to become a member of Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)? Why, or why not? Would you pay them a 10% commission on any funds they raise?

    Projected Financial Analysis

    Explain how to perform a projected financial analysis. Identify at least one problem that may result from an incorrect projection.

    Use the Present Value of an Annuity Due

    The Ajax Co. just decided to save $1,500 a month for the next five years as a safety net for recessionary periods. The money will be set aside in a separate savings account which pays 3.25% interest compounded monthly. It deposits the first $1,500 today. If the company had wanted to deposit an equivalent lump sum today, how much

    Financial Statement Analysis: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Discuss the advantage and disadvantages of financial statement analysis. How can it help a manager make decisions and how might it mislead you? (Response should be a minimum of 400 words) • Use APA format for any quotations or citations you use to support your answer

    Closing the Deal

    Discuss two the following statements. a. Describe the Five Negotiation Skills in Closing the Deal and indicate how you would, or have used them in an actual bargaining and negotiation situation specifying the issues, actors, and outcomes. b.Explain the purpose of an agreement template and why a written agreement best serves

    Microsoft and Inuit Analysis of Case

    I need help performing an analysis on the question/topic below: Prepare a case assessment analyzing Bill Gates's option: Pay $1.5 billion for a firm with total annual revenues of less than $200 million (in and using exhibit 3). Microsoft/Intuit by William E. Fruhan http://hbr.org/product/Microsoft-Intuit/an/295121-PDF-EN

    Classify: taxable, deduction, credits, not taxed

    Which of the following applies to the categories below a. In come items that are taxed (specifically items included in realized in income b. Items excluded from realized income. c. Deductions and exemptions. d. Credits. Advertising and marketing expenses All expenses incurred in conducting the trade or business All item

    Explicit marginal tax rate

    See attachment for question Suppose a firm has a tax loss of $5million in the current period. The firm's after-tax discount rate is 10%. Over the preceding 5 years the firm has reported the following taxable income: (see attached) a. If the carryback period I 3 years, what is the firm's marginal explicit tax rate in t

    Various Finance Discussions

    Discussion 1 - What are some of the criticisms or problems associated with the bankruptcy system? Are these criticisms valid? Why or why not? Are there any responses or solutions to address these criticisms? - What are the advantages of a company's formal reorganization under Chapter 11? - Why do creditors usually accept a

    Case Study - Leadership Decisions

    Chapter 3 Case Study: "Finance Department (p.94 of the textbook) Read the case study and answer the following questions. 1. Why had Osborne's department been so successful even though he has provided little leadership over the past two years? 2. How would you describe Osborne's current leadership style? Based on the path-goal t

    Trading Pairs and Principle Component Analysis

    1. Explain the principle of "Trading Pairs" between two equities through cointegration testing between two equity instruments. 2. Explain the concept of Principle Component Analysis for Asset Pricing through an example.

    Inside Trading Liability and per se Violation

    Could you please help me to answer these two questions: 1. In the context of insider trading liability, discuss the differences between Rule 10b-5 and Section 16. 2. What are per-se violations? Give two examples.

    Valuation of Company XYZ

    Company XYZ reported net income of $770 million after interest expenses of $320 million in a recent financial year. (The corporate tax rate was 36 percent.) It reported depreciation of $960 million in that year, and capital spending was $1.2 billion. The company also had $4 billion in debt outstanding on the books, was rated AA