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Expected Rate of Return and Stock variance and Standard Deviation

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1) Given the following data, What is the weight of security 1? Of security 2? 3? What is the expected return on the portfolio?

Security 1 ; $5,000 invested; Expected return 7%
Security 2; $7,000 invested; Expected return 9%
Security 3; $9,000 invested; Expected return 12%

2) The expected possible outcomes for Roxy Stock are below; what is the expected standard deviation of Roxy Stock?

State Probability Return
Super Boom 10% 35%
Boom 15% 20%
Expansion 45% 15%
Recession 30% -5%

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The weight of three securities are calculated. After completing the calculation, the expected return of the portfolio is calculated. This solution also includes a calculation for variance of a stock based on the four different returns and the probability of the return. After completing the variance calculation, the standard deviation of the stock is calculated.